Lauren Louise's Surprise Gunging
Starring the following model:
"Lauren was going to gunge a friend, but it didn't work out that way"

The lovely Lauren Louise popped back to Girls Get Gunged, and this time she had invited one of her friends along, with an evil plan to gunge her!

Lauren helped to mix up four massive buckets of slime, and waited eagerly to trash her best mate...but, when her friend was a no show, we had to do something else with all that slime--it couldn't go to waste...

We made poor Lauren take the hot seat and ruined her blouse and skirt with gunge, before making her strip off and cover her lovely boobs in slime. The gorgeous model ends up naked and covered head to toe in gunge, with her hair and make up destroyed and her sexy body thoroughly gunked.

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Runtime:13 mins, 10 secs
Scene ID:27861
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13.2 minutes

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